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Interesting article (Google’s vision for future of search) in the Telegraph where Alfred Spector, Google’s VP of Reasearch and Special Initiatives, describes Google’s current R&D direction. According to Spector, relevance evolution involves hybrid intelligence, where computers learn from the search habits of people. Hmmm… that sounds familiar. Some excerpts:

He also predicted a future in which “hybrid intelligence” – the principle of computers learning from the search and browsing habits of users to refine search results and serve up the most useful pages first – would be a key technology underpinning web search and results delivery.

“If people click on a result, then that’s an indication we probably got it right,” he said. “We can reinforce the behaviour of the system to weight it towards that pattern. It’s a really powerful, data-driven approach.”

The vision of relevance moving from the link-driven-back-end (link topology/pagerank) to the user-driven-front-end (searcher implicit feedback) sparked the launch of Collarity in 2005. The idea of search migrating from a library model (the books you see on the shelves are the same as the ones I see, organized by a linkogopoly) to a more personalized model, where your search results are driven by your choices and help from like-minded communities of other searchers.

This blog, starting from our introduction to this post, chronicles the evolution of Collarity’s people-driven relevance approach. Here is a group of selected posts illustrating many of the ideas.

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    1. on 19 Oct 2009 at 10:15 pmLouis Halpern

      The more personalized the search results are the better.

      The back to the future analogy actually is more correct than expressed here. Surely it goes back to Tim Berner-Les’s vision of the Semantic Internet.

      Nice piece Levy.

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