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When the world economy serves up lemons — you make lemonade, right? As cliche as that sounds, there are some aspects of that classic proverb to pay attention to. It’s important for web publishers to make the best of their existing website traffic when marketing budgets are about to be slashed.

The contracting economy dominated hallway and panel discussions during two recent industry events (Digital Hollywood and ad:tech ny) that Collarity spoke at. Michael Learmouth at AdAge reported one informal survey predicting digital-marketing budgets will be down 10% to 20% in 2009. So, how can publishers squeeze the most money out of their existing site audience in the middle of the current economic storm? Here are a few thoughts:

  • Listen to Your Customers - adopt tools and processes that allow you to understand the content and advertising most favored by your most important online audience segments.
  • Make Decisions Based on Data - invest in tools that help manage resources based on quantitative success metrics, instead of qualitative guesses.
  • Leverage Pay-for-Success Business Models - invest in technology that doesn’t hit your expense budget until it’s delivered a clear ROI.

Collarity helps publishers harness every website interaction to optimize website ad revenue during uncertain economic times.

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